Rhino Monitoring
2019 - Support the Rhino Monitoring in Botswana - Donation of US$ 20,000

Following the successful introduction of rhinos in Botswana, our ultimate goal is to protect and safeguard the rhinos. The ultimate legacy of Rhinos Without Borders is future generations of wild rhino.

The protectors of that legacy are the Rhinos Without Borders Monitors. Their tireless commitment to safeguarding the relocated rhinos ensures each individual animal is provided the best possible chance of establishing themselves in Botswana. The Great Plains Foundation proposes to use $20,000 of the donated funds to support the Rhinos Without Borders Monitoring and Security operations. Specific examples include
  1. The purchase of additional satellite tracking devices for the relocated rhino.
  2. Offset costs associated with conducting regular aerial surveys.
  3. The purchase of food, water, and supply rations for teams of field-based Rhinos Without Borders monitors.
As a result of a conservation event hosted by the Swiss African Foundation in November 2018, $40,000 was raised to support the Great Plains Foundation. A remarkable achievement by the Swiss African Foundation, demonstrating their leadership within the conservation tourism industry. Learn more about our event with Dereck und Beverly Joubert