Virunga National Park
The Virunga National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is located in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, on the border with Uganda and Rwanda. The Virunga NP is Africa's oldest park and certainly one of the most diverse protected areas in Africa.
Save the Rhino, Namibia
The desert-adapted black rhino, is a critically endangered species. The population has recovered slightly from the rapid decline of the 80s, but poaching in South Africa has spiralled out of control again in recent years
Tarangire Elephant
Conservation, Tanzania
The Tarangire National Park and adjacent wildlife areas are a paradise for animals, offering them the perfect dry-season-retreat. The Tarangire River and the swamps usually provide sufficient water and a comfortable habitat for elephants, even during the dry season.
Rhino Protection, Botswana
The rhino is an acutely endangered species. A rapid increase in poaching over the last few years has greatly depleted the remaining population in southern Africa. With a reputation for rescuing rhinos spanning 20 years, Wilderness Safaris has created a new rhino nucleus on Chief's Island in Botswana, which now mates and multiplies successfully.
Desert Lions
The Namib is anything but a monotonous desert. A small population of lions has adapted to its extremely harsh conditions, and contributes to making this inhospitable coastal strip in northern Namibia one of the most fascinating areas in Africa.