Conservation Africa Events
Conservation Africa is a series of events organised by SwissAfrican Travel Service and the SwissAfrican Foundation. Individuals who make a major contribution to the protection of animals and the environment in Africa tell us about their on-site work!
Public Events
Our public events take place on a larger scale. Each year we focus on a specific theme and run a campaign to raise money for that theme. The campaign ends with a big event at the end of the year.

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Private Events
Our private events take place at the SwissAfrican office in Zollikon. We barbecue for you, serve fine food and offer sundowner drinks. A relaxed evening where we celebrate our love for Africa with emphasis on conservation.

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Our private events are small and intimate. We invite donors who supported us with a larger donation - our Super Sponsors. We inform about how the donations were used and what we have achieved so far. We will try our best to have one of our Heroes in Africa to come and attend the event.

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