Success Stories
2021 - Support the Rhino Monitoring in Botswana - Donation of USD 10'000

Conservation in Africa in 2021 is still a big challenge. Due to Covid-19, tourists are staying away and funds for nature conservation are lacking. It is absolutely vital that the rangers can continue to do their job and protect the rhinos.
2021 - Anti Poaching, Kafue, Zambia - donation of USD 12,500

The collapse of tourism due to the current pandemic is devastating for a smaller operation like Musekese Conservation (MC). Therefore support is needed and appreciated more than ever during this challenging times.
2021 - Rhino Rangers Namibia - donation of USD 15,000

2020 was like no other. While the drought in Namibia continued unabated, COVID-19 also struck, as we all know, causing a global collapse in tourism and at the same time a significant loss of funding for conservation. Nevertheless, 2020 was also the year when Namibia’s Rhino Rangers really rose to the challenge, excelled and set another record patrol year.
2021 - Anti Poaching, Lower Zambezi, Zambia - donation of USD 12,500

SwissAfrican Foundation aims to continue supporting the valuable work of Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) and the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) in 2021. As tourism in Zambia continues to be largely absent, safari camps often remain empty and animals are increasingly poached, the efforts of organizations like CLZ are more than ever crucial and dependent on donations from external foundations.