Success Stories
Year 2024
2024 - Big Life, Kenya - donation of USD 30,000

SwissAfrican Foundation is funding one of the Big Life Mobile units. These mobile units are Rapid Reaction Units, made up of 8 rangers to cover areas that have no permanent bases. Their tasks include anti poaching and providing support to the local communities with human-wildlife conflicts.
2024 - Rhino Rangers Namibia - donation of USD 15,000

The efforts of Rhino Rangers Namibia to monitor and protect the world’s last truly free-ranging black rhino population are very successful. In this regard, SwissAfrican Foundation has proudly been supporting Save The Rhino Trust with enthusiasm and confidence for many years by now.
2024 - Anti Poaching, Lower Zambezi, Zambia - donation of USD 21,500

SwissAfrican Foundation will fill some funding gaps in the Law Enforcement budget 2024, helping to cover costs involved with the communications HQ at the CLZ basecamp and salaries / support for the Wildlife Police Officers stationed at Kulefu.
2024 - Support the Rhino Monitoring in Botswana - Donation of USD 10'000

We will of course continue our support for the rhino monitoring in Botswana in 2024 and are confident that our rhinos are safe.
Year 2023