Success Stories
2019 - Rhino Rangers Namibia - Donation of US$ 15,000

The collective efforts to protect Africa’s last truly wild population of black rhino in Namibia paid off. Overall, 2018 can be seen as yet another milestone year with the most important achievement - for the first time since the poaching began in 2012 – a full 12 months with ZERO poaching!

2019 - Community outreach in Botswana - Donation of US$ 20,000

Long-term conservation is only possible with the support and partnership of local communities. Great Plains Foundation recognizes this critical element and is working with local communities to engage them in positive and constructive conservation strategies related to the relocated rhino.

2019 - Support the Rhino Monitoring in Botswana - Donation of US$ 20,000

Following the successful introduction of rhinos in Botswana, our ultimate goal is to protect and safeguard the rhinos. The ultimate legacy of Rhinos Without Borders is future generations of wild rhino.

2018 - Claudia travels to Botswana! - Donation of US$ 22,500

The aim of Rhinos Without Borders, Great Plains Conservation & andBeyond was and is to translocate at least 100 rhinos from South Africa to the safe haven that is Botswana.

2018 - Rhino Rangers Namibia - Donation US$ 15,000

This amount is equivalent to the annual salary of Boas Hambo, the Ranger Field Coordinator of the Desert Rhino Trust.

2017 - New compound for the Congohounds - Donation of CHF 15,000

The Virunga National Park is repeatedly affected by poaching, and the park’s rangers put their lives on the line to protect the animals living there. The park’s residents not only include gorillas, but also forest elephants and many smaller animals that are easily overlooked.

2017 - Save the Rhino Trust with new vehicle - Donation of US$ 10,000

The SwissAfrican Foundation joined forces with the Wilderness Trust to cover the cost of a new vehicle for the Desert Rhino Trust in Namibia.

2017 - Felix travels to Botswana! - Donation of US$ 45,000

The SwissAfrican Foundation joined forces with the Great Plains Foundation & andBeyond to move several rhino from South Africa to Botswana at the end of March 2017. The SwissAfrican Foundation contributed to moving one rhino at a cost of US$ 45,000.

2017 - Donation of US$ 8,000

Hope remains: the ‘floodplain pride’ comprised just two adult lionesses (Xpl-69 and Xpl-55) and three female juveniles from Xpl-55, the so-called 'floodplain cubs'. The mother of the cubs died in October 2016. Luckily, however, they seem to have hooked on to Xpl-69