Okavango Delta
The Okavango Delta is an inland delta in the north of Botswana that plays host to a fascinating cycle of rain, flood, drought, heat and cold. The floodwater is basically rainwater from the mountains of Angola, which slowly accumulates in the Okavango River over a period of several months. It squeezes through the panhandle, which is where the Okavango Delta fans out, and then floods the entire region. On the journey through the delta 90% of the water seeps away and evaporates.

The Okavango Delta is divided into private concessions where companies are allowed to operate safari camps under strict environmental regulations. Great Plains protects some of the rhinos that have been brought from South Africa to Botswana in recent years.

The rangers who protect the rhinos depend on income from tourism and need our support.
Rhino Protection, Botswana
Donation for a Ranger Team for a one-month patrol = CHF 3,000
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