The continuation of the nature conservation projects and the protection of the wildlife areas is elementary for the future of the parks, otherwise there is no "after Corona". A sustainable tourism model built up over decades, which contributes greatly to the conservation of wildlife, would be severely damaged or destroyed forever.

With your help we would like to support the endangered natural areas in southern and eastern Africa with all our strength. Help us to preserve the wildlife in Africa - now more than ever!
Kunene-Etendeka Namibia
The Kunene-Etendeka region in Namibia is located in the north-east of the country. It is a stony, dusty and lonely place of great beauty.

It is home to the largest population of black rhino in the world outside of a national park. Our Rhino Rangers, who protect the rhinos in cooperation with the local population and the Save the Rhino Trust, depend on tourism. If the income through tourism is lost, we need to step in and support the rangers.

Furthermore, a small population of lions has adapted to its extremely harsh conditions, and contributes to making this inhospitable coastal strip in northern Namibia one of the most fascinating areas in Africa.

Help to ensure that poaching does not increase in the Kunene-Etendeka region and that both rhinos and desert lions remain protected.
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Success Stories
2021 - Rhino Rangers Namibia - donation of USD 15,000

2020 was like no other. While the drought in Namibia continued unabated, COVID-19 also struck, as we all know, causing a global collapse in tourism and at the same time a significant loss of funding for conservation. Nevertheless, 2020 was also the year when Namibia’s Rhino Rangers really rose to the challenge, excelled and set another record patrol year.