Kunene-Etendeka Namibia
The Kunene-Etendeka region in Namibia is located in the north-east of the country. It is a stony, dusty and lonely place of great beauty.

It is home to the largest population of black rhino in the world outside of a national park. Our Rhino Rangers, who protect the rhinos in cooperation with the local population and the Save the Rhino Trust, depend on tourism. If the income through tourism is lost, we need to step in and support the rangers.

Furthermore, a small population of lions has adapted to its extremely harsh conditions, and contributes to making this inhospitable coastal strip in northern Namibia one of the most fascinating areas in Africa.

Help to ensure that poaching does not increase in the Kunene-Etendeka region and that both rhinos and desert lions remain protected.
Rhino Protection, Namibia
Donation for a Rhino Ranger Team for a one-month patrol = CHF 3,000
Donation for a Rhino Ranger Team for a two-week patrol = CHF 1,500
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Success Stories
Year 2024
2024 - Rhino Rangers Namibia - donation of USD 15,000

The efforts of Rhino Rangers Namibia to monitor and protect the world’s last truly free-ranging black rhino population are very successful. In this regard, SwissAfrican Foundation has proudly been supporting Save The Rhino Trust with enthusiasm and confidence for many years by now.
Year 2023
2023 - Rhino Rangers Namibia - donation of USD 15,000

2023 was another exceptional year for Save the Rhino Trust Namibia. Overall, all four annual rhino monitoring targets were met, most notably a dramatic jump with over 4’000 confirmed rhino sightings (second year in history).