Virunga National Park
The Virunga National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is located in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, on the border with Uganda and Rwanda. The Virunga NP is Africa's oldest park and certainly one of the most diverse protected areas in Africa. The protected area not only covers 7800 km2 of forests, savannahs, swamps, lakes and valleys, but also includes lava fields and even active volcanoes. Adjacent to it are the glaciated peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains.

The park is home to around a quarter of the world's population of endangered mountain gorillas. Other primates include eastern lowland gorillas and chimpanzees, making it unique in the world. Also noteworthy is the presence of forest and savannah elephant, lion and okapi or so-called ‘forest giraffe’.

The park is divided into the following sectors: Mikeno (gorilla sector) and Volcano (Nyiragongo and Nyamulagira) in the south, the central sector south of Lake Edwards and the northern sector with the Rwenzori Mountains and the Semliki region.

The Kivu region has been shaken by many serious humanitarian crises. The rangers of Virunga protect this unique park and most particularly the gorillas – many of them have paid with their life. They deserve our support.
Virunga Ranger
Donation for the Virunga Rangers for a one-month patrol = CHF 3,000
Donation for the Virunga Rangers for a two-week patrol = CHF 1,500
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Success Stories
Year 2021
2021 - Virunga Rangers - donation of USD 10,000

2020 was not only a difficult year for Virunga because of the COVID-19 pandemic; unfortunately, the Virunga Park Rangers also have to repeatedly deal with serious armed attacks, which often end fatally
Year 2020
2020 - Medical care for the Congohounds - Donation of CHF 10,000

Keeping and caring for dogs in eastern Congo is a huge challenge. In 2017 we funded the construction of a new enclosure for the dogs. We now pay for the medical care of the dogs for a whole year.