Save Virunga National Park
Conservation Africa is a series of events organised by SwissAfrican Travel Service and the SwissAfrican Foundation. Individuals who make a major contribution to the protection of animals and the environment in Africa tell us about their on-site work!

Event:Conservation Africa
Focus:Virunga National Park, Congo Hounds Project
Guests:Marlene Zähner, Emmanuel de Mérode
Location:Kaufleuten, Pelikanstr. 18, Zurich

Virunga National Park is Africa's oldest park and certainly one of the most diverse protected areas in Africa. The rangers of Virunga National Park, together with Emmanuel de Mérode, fight for this unique park and most particularly the gorillas. Please meet Marlene Zähner who has introduced blood hounds to Virunga National Park and who knows the park and the rangers of Virunga personally from many visits.

Virunga Ranger
Our goal is to continuously finance these projects and to support them with a constant sum every year. This facilitates the annual planning for our partners in Africa.