Help preserve
Africa's iconic wildlife
SwissAfrican Foundation
The purpose of the SwissAfrican Foundation is to support projects that contribute to the protection of African flora and fauna, ensure the conservation of endangered species, prevent poaching in Africa, and offer ecological education to local people, especially children.
Rewild Zambezi
3,000 animals need to find a new home to survive
Rewild Zambezi - Stage 2
Our aim: CHF 50'000


We reached our goal!

Many thanks to all who supported this fantastic project

> Confirmation of donation received <

Ongoing projects that require continues support
Our goal is to continuously finance these projects and to support them with a constant sum every year. This facilitates the annual planning for our partners in Africa.

Get involved
You can make a general donation or choose one of our projects and contribute directly to that project.
Amélie collected CHF 2,120.30 for the SwissAfrican Foundation as part of her final project at school. She painted various African motifs and had greeting cards printed from these works of art, which were sold to friends, relatives and well-wishers.
At some point, your friends don't know what else to give you. Why not do a good thing and have them donate to the SwissAfrican Foundation?

We would be delighted to be part of it.

Support a ranger team
Rangers and guides prevent poaching in the parks. You can help by sponsoring a ranger team and you will contribute directly to the future of these wonderful wildlife areas.