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The purpose of the SwissAfrican Foundation is to support projects that contribute to the protection of African flora and fauna, ensure the conservation of endangered species, prevent poaching in Africa, and offer ecological education to local people, especially children.
Corona & Africa
The spread of the coronavirus and the subsequent lock-downs in most countries resulted in the immediate cessation of all tourist activities in Africa. The safari camps stand empty, the employees were sent home to their families.

Support your favourite park

The collapse of tourism in Africa caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus is hitting national parks and conservation projects hard - numerous small and large safari companies are forced to reduce spending to the bare essentials. There is no income to protect the parks, because tourism pays the salaries of the rangers and all the people who prevent poaching in the safari areas. There is a great danger that many locals will be forced to kill animals in the parks to feed their families.

The continuation of the conservation projects and the protection of the wildlife areas is elementary for the future of the parks, otherwise there is no "after Corona". A sustainable tourism model built up over decades, which contributes greatly to the conservation of wildlife, would be severely damaged or destroyed forever.

With your help we would like to support the endangered natural areas in southern and eastern Africa with all our strength. Help us to preserve the wildlife in Africa - now more than ever!

Support your favourite park
Support your favourite park
Rangers & Guides prevent poaching in the parks. Without the support of the safari operators and their guests, most African countries are not able to raise the financial means to protect the parks. Please sponsor a ranger team and contribute directly to the future of wonderful safaris in your favorite park.