Save the last big Tuskers
2019 - Tarangire Elephant Conservation - Donation of USD 15'000

The Tarangire National Park and adjacent wildlife areas are a paradise for animals, offering them the perfect dry-season-retreat. There is hardly another park in Africa that houses so many elephants. As more and more elephants settle in and around the national park, tensions rise among the local community.

With our support, Riccardo Tosi and his 35-man strong anti-poaching team will be able to cover costs for uniforms and equipment for 1 year. The team will help protect the last big Tuskers of Tarangire.

Poaching is a scourge that not only threatens the wildlife that it destroys, but also the long-term sustainability of the region as a whole, including the people who live in it. The anti-poaching project focuses on the immediate need to protect the animals which are targeted which requires equipment, manpower and training.

Heavy poaching has, over the last six years, decimated the elephant population of Tanzania. The country has lost 60% of its elephant population since 2009, with the total numbers plummeting from 110,000 to just 43,000 in 2015. Tarangire has, thankfully, been spared much of this carnage, but if we are not proactive in addressing the general problem, the destruction in other parts of the country will soon engulf the Tarangire Ecosystem as well.

The Tarangire-Manyara Ecosystem has become a refuge for these wonderful animals, a place where they can be safe from the cruelty and the wanton destructiveness of poaching. It now supports not only the largest concentrations of elephants in Tanzania, but also the highest numbers of big tuskers of Tanzania.

Thank you for your support in protecting the last big tuskers of Tanzania.