Rhino Relocation 2018, Botswana
2018 - Claudia travels to Botswana! - Donation of US$ 22,500

The aim of Rhinos Without Borders, Great Plains Conservation & andBeyond was and is to translocate at least 100 rhinos from South Africa to the safe haven that is Botswana.

The SwissAfrican Foundation has received written confirmation from Great Plains Conservation that a donation of US$ 22,500 from us will be matched by a wealthy donor from the United States, effectively doubling the initial donation and allowing us to fund the translocation of another rhino. The SwissAfrican Foundation is extremely proud to have now funded the translocation of two of the hundred rhinos that now live in Botswana!

Many thanks to all who support us!

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2022 - Support the Rhino Monitoring in Botswana - Donation of USD 10'000

Rhino Without Borders (RWB) is continuing the strategy of increasing wildlife monitoring of existing rhinos in the Okavango Delta instead of re-locating more animals from South Africa due to the current situation that Covid has created with the devastating loss of tourism and its economic support.
2021 - Support the Rhino Monitoring in Botswana - Donation of USD 10'000

Conservation in Africa in 2021 is still a big challenge. Due to Covid-19, tourists are staying away and funds for nature conservation are lacking. It is absolutely vital that the rangers can continue to do their job and protect the rhinos.