This is amazing, thank you so very much for reaching out and expressing unsolicited support.

The rhinos need to be protected now and as we increase our efforts to patrol, we have started hiring in a Female Rangers team with Sven running interviews as we speak. We put out a call for applications for about 20 jobs and have over 200 applicants! Your funding will go to paying for some of these rangers to get trained and placed out in the field.

Many thanks once again

Rhino Monitoring, Botswana
2022 - Support the Rhino Monitoring in Botswana - Donation of USD 10'000

Rhino Without Borders (RWB) is continuing the strategy of increasing wildlife monitoring of existing rhinos in the Okavango Delta instead of re-locating more animals from South Africa due to the current situation that Covid has created with the devastating loss of tourism and its economic support.

By far the largest challenge facing RWB is a tragic increase in poaching in Botswana since early 2020. Which makes it all the more gratifying that more than 11 baby rhinos were born in 2021 and that - despite all the threats - the population of rhinos in the Okavango Delta is steadily increasing.

For the people living alongside safari camps and protected areas, becoming a ranger or wildlife monitor is a unique opportunity to achieve economic stability. To date, all of Great Plains' wildlife monitors have been men. That is set to change starting in 2022. Currently, an exclusive team of female rangers is being recruited. The long-term impact of this project on conservation is equally an overwhelmingly positive one: the pioneering role of female rangers ultimately leads to increased community involvement in the conservation of Africa's most important animal species.