Community Outreach
2019 - Community outreach in Botswana - Donation of US$ 20,000

Long-term conservation is only possible with the support and partnership of local communities. Great Plains Foundation recognizes this critical element and is working with local communities to engage them in positive and constructive conservation strategies related to the relocated rhino.

The Great Plains Foundation uses the $20,000 donation to support the Rhinos Without Borders Community Outreach operations. Specific examples include
  1. Offer seed-funding for the development of a conservation information public relations campaign directed at local communities and individuals living in proximity to the relocated rhino.
  2. Provide support for education outreach programs in local schools inspiring young people to respect and take pride in their natural heritage by protecting the rhino.
  3. Provide support for Conservation Goals, a program utilizing athletics to engage young men in the conservation dialogue.
As a result of a conservation event hosted by the Swiss African Foundation in November 2018, $40,000 was raised to support the Great Plains Foundation. A remarkable achievement by the Swiss African Foundation, demonstrating their leadership within the conservation tourism industry. Learn more about our event with Dereck und Beverly Joubert