Anti Poaching, Lower Zambezi, Zambia
2021 - Anti Poaching, Lower Zambezi, Zambia - donation of USD 12,500

SwissAfrican Foundation aims to continue supporting the valuable work of Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) and the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) in 2021. As tourism in Zambia continues to be largely absent, safari camps often remain empty and animals are increasingly poached, the efforts of organizations like CLZ are more than ever crucial and dependent on donations from external foundations.

The allocated grant secures important anti poaching patrols, as well as deployed material for rangers. In addition, CLZ aims to develop their Environmental Education Programme which engages 65 government schools and over 3,500 students in order to mould a generation growing up to want to protect their natural heritage.

In 2020, through funding from SwissAfrican Foundation, CLZ has been able to fill a critical gap within its Wildlife Protection Programme. 24 patrols were undertaken from June to September in the Lower Zambezi NP through SwissAfrican Foundation funding, which represents about 11% of the total anti poaching patrols of CLZ and DNPW.
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2020 - Anti Poaching, Lower Zambezi, Zambia - Donation of US$ 22,250

We made this contribution to the Conservation Lower Zambezi as part of the Covid-19 support programme of the SwissAfrican Foundation. In 2020, Covid-19 stopped almost all operations in the park and funds to maintain the park and support the surrounding community were most welcomed.