Rhino Rangers Namibia
2018 - Rhino Rangers Namibia - Donation US$ 15,000

This amount is equivalent to the annual salary of Boas Hambo, the Ranger Field Coordinator of the Desert Rhino Trust.

The Rhino Ranger Programme seeks to engage local communities in rhino monitoring and to extend the monitoring of rhinos to those areas where tourist activities do not take place.

Boas Hambo's CV
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We have received the following feedback from Jeff Muntifering, the Save the Rhino Trust’s scientific advisor:

"Of interest, we had a zero poaching holiday season thanks to the efforts from the rangers, SRT and police. To date, we have only lost 1 rhino in the past 12 months! With our community rangers with NGO, Gov and Police support together with an expanding outreach programme, we may have finally found a winning recipe. Teamwork wins!"

Jeff Muntifering, PhD
Conservation Biologist
Science Advisor Save the Rhino Trust, Namibia