Rhino Rangers
2019 - Rhino Rangers Namibia - Donation of US$ 15,000

The collective efforts to protect Africa’s last truly wild population of black rhino in Namibia paid off. Overall, 2018 can be seen as yet another milestone year with the most important achievement - for the first time since the poaching began in 2012 – a full 12 months with ZERO poaching!

We are proud to support the Rhino Rangers and the Rhino Pride Campaing again in 2019 by donating US$ 15,000.

Below are a few specific milestones which were achieved by the 64 rangers
  1. Rhino Ranger patrol days have increased an astounding 98% since 2017 and helped increase overall patrol effort by 1,200% since 2011 (before program inception)
  2. Rhino Sightings have increased by 26% from 2017 and helped increase overall rhino sightings by 523% since 2011 (before program inception)
  3. Rhino monitoring efforts now produce verified sightings of at least 65% of the region’s rhino each month, up from only 25% in 2012
  4. Awarded the prestigious William Conway International Conservation Award Top Honors by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (230 member institutions around the world)
  5. Selected as First Round Case Study profile for IUCN Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group’s new online sharing and learning platform ‘People Not Poaching’ https://www.peoplenotpoaching.org/conservancy-rhino-ranger-incentive-program
  6. More than 200 rural farmers living within or adjacent to the rhino range were directly engaged by Conservancy Rhino Ranger patrol teams during monthly farm visits (see below)
  7. Gone 15 months (26 August 2017 – 25 November 2018) with ZERO poaching
  8. Over the past 18 months of at least 16 independent potential poaching gangs were stopped and removed from the area by law enforcement BEFORE they could poach - 11 of these cases were made possible through pre-emptive intelligence collected by local informer networks.
The Rhino Pride Campaign continued its march to improve the value local people attach to saving rhino.
  1. Over 500 Conservancy leaders, members and rural youth participated in Rhino Friend Pledge ceremonies led by local Chiefs and respected community leaders
  2. Over 1000 area youth participated in rhino-themed sporting leagues and tournaments throughout the year and about 750 Rhino Friend Sweatbands were distributed to athletes who participated in the Second Annual World Rhino Day Sports tournaments held in Okanguati and Khorixas
  3. A new rhino song and music video ‘Save the Rhino’ was created together with Mondessa Youth Opportunity school in Swakopmund
  4. Over 60 Conservancy leaders from 22 Conservancies located in the remote far northwest participated in ‘Rhino Movie Night’ which shared a number of rhino music videos and rhino protection documentaries from the area to remote, ‘off-the-grid’ areas.
  5. The Rhino Hero campaign awarded 32 rangers with custom Rhino Hero jackets who had committed at least 5 years of service to rhino protection and achieved more than 100 verified rhino sightings. Collectively, the first group of ‘Rhino Heroes’ have accumulated over 440 ranger years of rhino protection!
  6. The 14 Rhino Friend Youth Clubs engaging over 200 local youth conducted a number of rhino-oriented activities including two rural area clean-up campaigns, school debates, camping with Rhino Ranger teams, and local marches to demonstrate their support for rhino conservation.