2017 - New compound for the Congohounds - Donation of CHF 15,000

The Virunga National Park is repeatedly affected by poaching, and the park’s rangers put their lives on the line to protect the animals living there. The park’s residents not only include gorillas, but also forest elephants and many smaller animals that are easily overlooked.

Dr. Marlene Zähner of Switzerland introduced bloodhounds and springer spaniels to Virunga National Park in 2011 at the request of Emmanuel de Merode, Director of Virunga National Park, after the use of detection dogs in combating poaching had already proven effective in other African parks.

Keeping and caring for dogs in eastern Congo is a huge challenge. The canine unit’s reputation has grown so outstanding over the past few years that there is now a waiting list of rangers eager to work with dogs. The dogs require a new compound in order to keep them fit and healthy. It is thanks to donations from the SwissAfrican Foundation that this was finally built.

The 'Congohounds' project is managed and supervised by the DodoBahati Foundation under the guidance of Dr. med. vet. Marlene Zähner.

The new compound for the dogs at Rumangabo is completed, see image below, and since its completion the dogs' health has increased substantially. A feedback that makes us very happy!