Rhino Protection, Botswana
The rhino is an acutely endangered species. A rapid increase in poaching over the last few years has greatly depleted the remaining population in southern Africa. With a reputation for rescuing rhinos spanning 20 years, Wilderness Safaris has created a new rhino nucleus on Chief's Island in Botswana, which now mates and multiplies successfully.

Since 2015, Great Plains & andBeyond have also been helping with the Rhinos Without Borders project to move rhinos from areas threatened by poaching to more remote and sheltered areas. This not only protects the animals from the dangers of poaching, but also provides a healthy genetic boost to and distribution of the existing rhino population in southern Africa. This is, however, a story of hope for rhinos, where conservationists, individuals, as well as industry and tourism professionals roll up their sleeves and do something positive for two species that cannot speak for themselves and cannot protect themselves from our greed, corruption and abject stupidity. If we can counter every unkindness with a kindness, every selfish act with a selfless one, and every atrocity against nature, with an equal and opposite proactive move like ‘Rhinos Without Borders,’ we will slowly win this battle for Africa.

The resettlement of individual animals must be planned for the long term and carried out with great care under strict secrecy. Donations are primarily used for transport, but also for the training of ‘anti-poaching’ teams, which protect the animals in their new home.

Saving a single rhino costs CHF 45’000.
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from Dereck Joubert / 17.01.2019 12:23
Reflecting on 2018, I am proud of the progress we made together conserving and expanding natural habitats in Africa.