Anti Poaching, Zambia
Tyrone McKeith & Phil Jeffery founded Musekese Conservation in 2018 in response to a sharp increase in poaching in the North-Eastern sector of the Kafue NP. In the past, through their safari company Jeffery & McKeith, they had always supported the authorities and other organisations as and where they could but it became increasingly apparent that small, in-kind support was simply not enough despite the numerous organisations in and around Zambia. They therefore set out to establish Musekese Conservation with the support and endorsement of the government and local authorities. This enabled them to train and equip two full time anti-poaching teams stationed permanently at their base in Kafue National Park.

Short term goals
Further Goals
Medium and long-term goals include the formation of a guide training facility and ecological centre for research and conservation, the establishment of community education and outreach programmes, and the reinforcement of other Safe Zones throughout Kafue National Park within the framework of DNPW (Department of National Parks & Wildlife) and alongside fellow conservation organizations.
Success Stories
2020 - Anti Poaching Kafue, Zambia - Donation of US$ 15,000

The donation is a contributation to the operational costs of Musekese Conservation who operate in Zambia's remote Kafue National Park. The annual operating costs are approximately USD130,000 so every penny must be watched. We are supporting Tyrone & Phil and their work in Kafue National Park.
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Anti Poaching, Kafue, Zambia


Our goal is to continuously finance these projects and to support them with a constant sum every year. This facilitates the annual planning for our partners in Africa.

Planned annual allocation to cover running costs
Our partners for this project
Tyrone McKeith & Phil Jeffery - Musekese Conservation
Both Phil & Tyrone are graduates of the Durrell Institute for Conservation and Ecology (DICE) and together have over two decades of experience working in KNP in many different capacities, from guide training and lodge management to working with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife in developing the current Park Management Plans.

Phil has grown up in Zambia and is following in the footsteps of his father, a wildlife biologist who has spent many years working in the wildlife and conservation fields in Zambia and the region. Phil spent the first few years of his life growing up in the Luangwa Valley and is a keen amateur photographer and private pilot.

Tyrone has been coming to Zambia since he was a child and now calls this wonderful country home. Tyrone is also a keen photographer and naturalist, often delivering talks about wildlife and conservation.
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