Tyrone McKeith & Phil Jeffery
Tyrone McKeith & Phil Jeffery founded Musekese Conservation in 2018 in response to a sharp increase in poaching in the North-Eastern sector of the Kafue NP. This enabled them to train and equip two full time anti-poaching teams stationed permanently at their base in Kafue National Park.
Dereck and Beverly Joubert are globally recognized, award-winning filmmakers, conservationists, and National Geographic explorers-in-large based in Botswana. Their mission for more than 30 years has been the conservation of key wildlife species, with a focus on large predators. They are the owners of Great Plains and founder of Great Plains Connservation.
Jeff Muntifering
Dr. Jeff Muntifering has spent much of his professional career in remote field stations around the world. Jeff has worked with Save the Rhino Trust, a highly respected local Namibian organization, since 2003. His applied research on rhino biology, ecology, eco-tourism and incentive-based, community-led approaches to rhino conservation.
Virunga Team
The Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is repeatedly affected by poaching, and the park’s rangers put their lives on the line to protect the animals. Dr. Marlene Zähner of Switzerland introduced bloodhounds and springer spaniels to Virunga National Park in 2011 at the request of Emmanuel de Merode, Director of Virunga National Park, to combat poaching.
Dr. Flip Stander
Protecting the desert lions in Namibia is the life work of Philip ‘Flip’ Stander and his ‘Desert Lion Conservation’ project. In his scientific work, Philip researches the behaviour and distribution of lions in order to offer communities advice and plans of action, thus defusing conflicts that occur where predatory animals meet livestock.